The light-hearted journey of a girl who never felt that she "fit" into the puzzle of Life, as proven by her name. Sort of a "lost" and finally "found" autobiography.

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Blurb: from page 14, para. 4 - 7:
My top-of-the-list favorite thing to do is hug. It's right up there with love and singing in solving all problems, releasing all stress, and making everything and everyone just feel oh soooo much better! I think that being inside a hug is the best place in the whole world to be. It sends you right into your own heart, and then you "blend" with the other hugger. It can be short and sweet, or last a little longer and be wonderfully glorious! And nobody can hurt you in there.

Hugs can also be shared with a simple touch to another's arm or hand. Even a smile can hug. And, as I can attest for sure, words can hug, too. Remember that aura-popping e-mail with the pink heart?

I'm trying something new with hugs now. I love mountains, cliffs, canyon walls, and really big boulders. These are not exactly easy things to put your arms around. So I'm learning to put my spirit around them. It's great fun, actually. And good "practice" for sending love to everyone all around the world, and even around the earth herself. Try it!

Yep, hugs are definitely one of God's greatest inventions. And I want to share as many as I can!

Need some self-help ideas on your journey toward Self Awareness and Oneness? This sweet little book has them. Enjoy!

Joen Samuels
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On this planet a personal name gives one a sense of identity, of belonging, and is also a convenient way of addressing each other. The four little letters of my first name instead caused an undercurrent of unrest and questioning that has stayed with me my entire life. It's only very recently that I've been able to become
thankful for that.
Are you a Wanderer? Or maybe a Light Worker? Do you consider yourself a Seeker? Does it feel like you just "don't fit" into the puzzle of Life? Are you constantly rearranging your furniture, reorganizing your closets and drawers, trying to make things feel "right"? I totally understand. I, too, have always been on the rung outside of the ladder of life, searching for answers to all of the why-do-I-exist questions.

It has been absolutely amazing to me how many different ways
those four simple letters can be misspelled,mispronounced,
added to, detracted from, and made to change genders. I've
always been referred to as a mousey little wallflower.
However, unbeknownst to me, the spirit of a warrior
was sitting gently in my heart. At first it whispered
softly. And now it has emerged enough to want
to inspire the positive spirit within you to also
come out and live life more fully.

As many readers have already found, I pray this book also helps you to enjoy discovering the spirit within your soul

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More sniplets about my book
This book is a short, fast, easy and hopefully uplifting read. It will take you on a Light-hearted journey through many events surrounding my given name, and some of the philosophies that helped me to understand what was/is going on in my life based on the name that "proved" I am a non-belonging misfit. It is my heartfelt attempt to let you know that you, too, are worthy of all of the abundance and blessings that the universe offers to you. Hopefully, you will be encouraged to continue to be a Quiet Warrior in your own right and actually accept those offerings. After all, if the shyest, least self-confident person in the world (that would be me) can finally learn to create something in the kitchen that's actually edible, write a book, and now have her own website - you can do it, too! Whatever dream is in your heart can be fulfilled! No matter how big or how small, if it's important to you it's important to the universe.
And I'm cheering for you!
For only $10 purchase a hard
copy of Joens Cupcakes at

So what's next in my life? Who knows?!
(Well, actually Who really does know; he's just not talking very loud -
or maybe I just need to listen harder.)
Whatever it is, I am confident that I can handle it
without tooooo much trouble.

Hey! If I can do cupcakes, I can do anything!

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